Probation Labs has been elected a member of the Ideon Innovation business incubator in Lund, Sweden. Known for a high success rate and good working environment, the incubator is strategically located near the Lund University faculties of science and technology, and well connected in the high-tech Ă–resund region. It is close to Medicon Village and the two large-scale research infrastructures under construction in Lund, MAX-IV and ESS.

“We are pleased and excited to join Ideon Innovation”, says Probation Labs CEO Dr. Thom Leiding. “We are now building a strong base for a sustainable company, and we can really benefit from the business environment that the incubator offers.”

Probation Labs still maintain strong connections to the Department of Chemistry at Lund University, where they have important collaborations for future product refinement and development.

Ideon Innovation web.