Sara1The first Probe Drum instrument was sold to Prof. Sara Snogerup Linse and her group at the Centre for Molecular Protein Science at Lund University. They will use it to study Calcium binding, nanoparticle aggregation, amyloid formation, and more. Associate Professor Tommy Cedervall, who has had the instrument on trial for some months, says:

“After only a few days with Probe Drum we were able to show that the aggregation is determined by the size of the additions. We could discern this thanks to the high titration resolution.”

As early adopters, Prof. Sara Snogerup Linse and her co-workers have played an active role in providing feed-back and ideas in the Probe Drum development process.

“This is a game changer for us”, she says. “The high precision and reproducibility opens up many paths of enquiry. Systems prone to aggregation, such as the peptides involved in Alzheimers’ disease, are very difficult to probe systematically through purely manual assays. The automated procedures also frees the staff and enables wider systematic analysis.”

Prof. Snogerup Linse is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and sits on the Nobel Committee for Chemistry.

Prof. Sara Snogerup Linse web.