Improve quality

Manual pipetting is an advanced skill, especially when dealing with small volumes. Even in the hands of a master pipetter the error is significant, and the variations between different people can threaten reproducibility. 

With our automatic titration system you can make additions to your sample with 40 nanoliter precision. This eliminates not only systematic errors, but also random variations, guaranteeing that the concentrations and conditions are what they are supposed to be.

Full control of your sample

The intuitive control software lets you define your experiment precisely, when and what to add, and which measurements to make at what time points.The pump system lets you make high precision additions, controlling the salt concentration, pH, or concentration of any titrant of interest. The instrument can also be integrated with an external electrode, allowing you to measure pH, conductivity, or specific ion concentrations, in parallel, with the ability to provide instant feedback to the titration procedure.

In addition, the temperature control system is state of the art, controlling the temperature of the sample at a 0.2 degree precision and with very fast response. This lets you know with certainty the real temperature your experiment takes place at and with the control software you can perform highly detailed temperature gradients. This brings a new level of ease and precision to experiments such as protein thermal stability studies or DNA melting curves.

Repeat and refine

The advantage of having an experimental protocol defined in an automated system is that you can easily repeat exactly the same procedure again, for as many times as you may need, knowing that every step will be carried out exactly the same way. This also means that the data generated is well adapted for automatic analysis. 

If you decide to make any adjustments to the procedure the rich metadata ensures that you can keep track of the changes.

Automate and refine. Remove tedious, repetitive labor. Free up time for science!