At the heart of Probe Drum is the sample holder, fitted with stirring, temperature control, accessibility for an electrode and an automated titration system. Sample parameters are set through user-friendly experiment-oriented software, and integrated with the optical measurement parameters.

  • Sample: a standard optical cuvette, base 12.5*12.5 mm, internal volume 1 ml or 3 ml with Z = 8 mm.
  • Titration volume resolution: 20 nl minimum addition.
  • Titration time resolution: ~1s (assuming a single-shot spectrum at every titration point)
  • Temperature control: a Peltier element, range 12-70°C with 0.1°C precision (optional range 2-90°C).
  • Electrode duct: 3.4 mm diameter.

The optical lines monitoring the sample comprises a CCD-based detector and a total of 16 different light sources in two spacial orientations. This gives the following approximate optical specifications:

  • Fluorescence excitation from 260 to 650 nm
  • Absorbance measurements over the whole detection range.
  • Laser based static light.scattering (650 or 635 nm laser)
  • Spectral detection range: 220-790 nm (optional range 200-1200 nm)
  • Spectral resolution: up to 1.2 nm
  • Time resolution: 10 ms (assuming single-shot spectra)

Specialized set-ups can be developed, please contact us for more information.