Probe Drum is your ultimate lab helper, letting you do your thinking while it adds reagents, adjusts temperature, monitors changes in your sample with three different modes of detection, and analyzes your data according to your instructions. Delivering high precision and resolution, good reproducibility and fast results, Probe Drum expands the experimental parameter space within your reach, bringing your research to higher levels while freeing your time.


Probe Drum…

  • monitors the absorption, fluorescence and light scattering spectra of your sample, using one or several sets of parameters sequentially. This makes it possible to monitor several changing features of your sample simultaneously.┬áProbe Drum follows your preset instructions, automatically adjusting the spectral settings for optimal S/N in each scan.

  • adds a reagent to your sample, monitoring the response of the sample to this addition in real time, or
  • titrates a reagent into your sample at high precision, recording the spectra you’ve chosen at each titration point.
  • adjusts the temperature of your sample, recording the spectra you’ve chosen at each temperature after the temperature has been stabilized.
  • accomodates an electrode, e.g. a pH electrode, to monitor the sample status during titration and measurement.
  • analyzes your spectral data and presents your results as a function of titration, electrode and temperature parameters.


This will give you a thorough, multidimensional analysis of your sample, with respect to the chemical environment as well as temperature. The requirement on your sample is that it is fluid, and contains an appropriate optical indicator: a naturally present chromophore or an added optical molecular probe.

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