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Does your lab perform add−mix−measure protocols in a repetitive fashion?
Are optical measurements and pipetting everyday operations in your lab?

Then read on – this is for you.

Whether you are working with pH-titrations, equilibrium ligand-binding assays, enzyme kinetics, protein stability assessment, calibration of spectroscopic probes or any other spectroscopic investigations that include in-line, step-wise change of the chemical or physical environment of your sample, hear this:

It is very likely that Probe Drum can make your data better and your life easier.

Probe Drum delivers data with higher resolution, better repeatability and higher precision than traditional manual methods. In the process it removes tedious, repetitive labor and frees up time.

The easy-to-use yet powerful software lets you specify complex procedures once and then deploy them over and over again. All it takes is a couple of mouse clicks. The quality of your measurements will never again depend on the pipetting skills of the person performing the experiment or on the workload on his/her shoulders.

Probe Drum performs combined absorbance, fluorescence and laser-based static light scattering measurements while making nanoliter precision titrations. All controlled by an inventive experiment-procedure centered software. Tightly integrated into an instrument not much larger than a regular shoe box.

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