Nanoparticle Stability

The size and surface characteristics of nanoparticles are critical in determining their properties. Having a good understanding of these parameters and how they are affected by the environment is therefore crucial.  Slight alterations in the environment may cause particles to aggregate, altering their effective size and surface area, or change the nature of the surface they present to the environment.   

Stability over time

ProbeDrum features a highly sensitive set of light scattering options, as well as absorbance spectroscopy, to provide you a window into the state of any particle sample. By automatically monitoring the signal over time, ProbeDrum lets you directly study the stability of your sample.

Automate your measurements

The colloidal stability of particles can change drastically with solution conditions such as pH or ionic strength. Proteins or other molecules binding to the particle surface can also act to either increase stability or promote precipitation. With the high precision automatic titration system and electrode feedback you can easily use ProbeDrum to map out these effects in detail.

Automate and refine. Remove tedious, repetitive labor. Free up time for science!