Probe Drum has become Labbot

New instrument. New name. New chapter.

With the new Labbot, our upgraded team, and the growing community, we are ready to serve academic science worldwide, one scientist at a time, to provide the best science possible.

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From the very beginning it’s all been about helping other scientists produce the best science possible

To make it in academic science and to thrive there is a tough call. Staying informed about the field, assembling and managing the team and producing great papers while at the same time having to apply for funding and taking part in the scientific community. It is a lot. You are our heros just for taking on the task and we would very much like to share your mission with you.

During the ten years we have been providing service for scientists, by the means of Probe Drum, we have learned so much. We have enjoyed the journey immensely, because we are also scientists and getting to know you has made us understand that what you need is very close to what we and our colleagues needed ourselves. By visiting your labs, by interviewing you, we have been able to fix the things we didn’t get right the first time (or the second). We are getting to know you well, now we want to put that knowledge to work.

We are celebrating ten years in the service of scientists by announcing Labbot. Labbot is a new and greatly improved Probe Drum with a new name that is easier for most people to pronounce and remember.

With the new Labbot, our upgraded team and the growing community, we are now ready to serve the academic science world, one scientist at the time, so you can provide the best science possible, be our heroes and save the planet.

Thom Leiding

Thom Leiding

Inventor & CEO